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So Why A Blog Now?

Because living with Anxiety isn’t weekly & only being Anxious about one thing at a time.

Anxiety is constantly overthinking, constantly worrying, & every day being a juggle between what you need to worry about most today.

There have been many times I’ll be anxious about something & I think “Oh wow, this would be a great episode.”

And I’ll write it down on my list of episodes to record but then

1.) I forget what I was anxious about

2.) Something else happens where I’m now anxious about that

3.) I feel that my anxious thoughts are gone and if I speak about it, it won't feel genuine.

This way, I can quickly write down what I am feeling in the moment and be able to hopefully embrace a little more of life with Anxiety. These will be snippets of my thought process as an over thinker, perfectionist, and a socially anxious mom.

I feel that every day I have some sort of anxious thought or intrusive thought where I have to constantly remind myself, "No, go away Anxiety, I don't have time for you today.' And I have always been a "journaler." But lets be real, having kids, being a spouse, and other duties don't truly allow me to journal my thoughts as much as I want to. I feel that this is a way to make a promise to myself to continue to journal because it helps me rid of that anxious thought and I can remind myself that my Anxiety is lying to me.

This is also a great way for me to document my progress. If you listen to my Podcast you can tell how much I've grown and I love looking back and seeing where I was and where I am now. This will just be another piece to the puzzle. I'll quickly jot down what I'm thinking and then one day I can look back and say, "Wow, how silly of me to be worried about that, look at how much I've grown."

I share my story, and I share my life with Anxiety because it sucks sometimes. There are times where I want to scream and just turn it off but it doesn't quite work that way does it?

I am proud of how far I have come so far but I know that I still have a long way to go. Will it ever end? I hope so but if not, I know that each day I am better.

And I hope that me sharing my healing journey can be comfort that you one day can be better too.

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