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New Level of Motherhood Unlocked

I cried today.

Today I realized how big my daughter is getting.

She poured herself her own bowl of cereal (3x)

This was a very special moment because

1.) She became a super picky eater and the fact that she finally added milk to her cereal is phenomenal.

*Yes, my daughter would eat dry cereal. And since she was a baby she never liked milk. She was on Toddler formula for almost 2 years & up until recently at school had milk & said she liked it.

2.) She poured herself a bowl, all alone. Cereal & Milk.

For the past couple of months, I have left her a tupperware in the fridge with breakfast because she always wakes up before me and goes straight to the living room.

Usually it’s some muffins, fruit, & a yogurt.

Now that she realized she likes cereal and can pour it herself, she put out her own stuff for breakfast & went to bed excited that she can make her own breakfast from now on.

Where did my little girl go?

This is huge.

For a Mama who for feels that she’s not doing enough, who feels like somehow she’s failing her kids all the time, the fact that she is now at an age where she is old enough to do “big” things on her own makes me proud. Proud of her but also proud of myself. Maybe I haven’t screwed up as much as I have made myself to believe.

This is going to be a game changer in our home.

And now time to wait for my son to make his own breakfast too so I can maybe finally sleep in one day a few years down the line.

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