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My Son Has Been Sleeping In My Arms...

the last couple of nights. I’m not sure if it’s a regression or he’s teething again but, it’s quite exhausting for this Mama.

When I don’t get enough sleep (like most humans), I don’t do well. I can’t really function, my anxiety heightens, and I lost my patience real quick.

Although in a way I am trying to embrace it. He’s not a cuddler. My daughter, until this day will still ask for cuddles at night before bed. My son, has hated cuddling since we brought him home from the hospital. I would try to do contact naps with him & he would toss & turn until I laid him down and he would sleep like a rock.

I try to rock him, hold him like the baby that he is, & he fights it until I bring him upright. Even during naps or bedtime, he still nurses to fall asleep, there will be times where he’s kicking me & pushing my body out of the way. He doesn’t understand that my boob is attached to the rest of my body & I can’t quite not touch him in any other way.

I haven’t slept well these last few nights because he’s whiny, he wants to be in my arms, & I get anxious over hurting him.

But I know this is just temporary. And especially because he’s growing. Time goes by faster with your second one. In a blink of an eye he’s 9 months and before you know it he’ll be a year old.

I’ll take the lack of sleep for some cuddles with my baby boy who hates to cuddle. I’ll embrace these moments and sleep at a different time.

I stare and memorize his little face because soon that too will change, and I am not ready for it.

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