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Mother’s Day Shopping

So today we went shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom. I took Logan to Marshall’s so she could choose what to buy her.

We were walking around and Logan said “Mom, are we buying a gift for my grandma your mom or my grandma my dad’s mom?”

“Your grandma my Mom.”

“But why not for my dad’s mom my grandma?"

My heart broke.

I didn’t know what or how to respond to her.

I let her pick a gift for her other grandma because I knew it was in her pure innocent heart that she thought a gift could help tide the tension.

The truth is, Logan hasn’t seen or spoken to her grandmother in over a year and she constantly asks about her. She kept asking why she wouldn’t come over to the house anymore. I never really knew what to tell her until my therapist told me to tell her the truth, that the truth goes along way.

My daughter then looked at me, smiled, and then continued to play.

It’s hard, it’s hard having to explain to a child that some people don’t understand boundaries or that boundaries need to be put into place.

It’s hard to explain it in a way where they understand that it’s not their fault, that it has nothing to do with them even though they are also the ones feeling the repercussions.

All I can do is pray that one day Logan would be able to reconnect with her Grandmother in a way that is healthy for everyone.

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