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Kitchen Remodel

We’ve been wanting to get out kitchen remodeled for awhile now. Well, I have been wanting to get the kitchen removed, my Husband could honestly care less .

I was okay with our kitchen until we moved back into this home almost 5 years ago, and since then it’s been falling apart. The tenants we had completely  destroyed our house but we didn’t have it in our budget at the time to fix the kitchen along with everything else we needed immediately fixed to be able to move back in.

Each month that goes buy, something else starts to fall apart, or break, or not fully close anymore.

We’ve redone the rest of the house. (Kinda) We redid our floors, we repainted the living room and one house of the house is a “vibe” as the young in’s call it, the other, not so much.

We don’t entirely need a new kitchen but things definitely need to start getting repaired. And I feel that at this point we have realized that it’s just best to redo the entire thing because at one point, it’ll cost us the same plus the whole thing will be replaced with different timelines only leaving us in the same predicament we are in.

We called to get one quote.

Salesmen came over and we had the worst experience ever. He was extremely rude and condescending. He called our style we wanted “cheap and basic.” He said he wouldn’t be able to live with a kitchen in our condition (Which quite frankly, our kitchen works it’s just not the nicest to look at). Then he tried to hard sale us, if we didn’t say “Yes” today price would increase immediately and then 30 days after that by a significant amount.

We said no, but we also said no because of the experience and he didn’t give us a full quote on what exactly we wanted.

My Husband has a lot of friends who do various jobs, who know various people. A friend of his said he knew someone who did kitchens and they came over a few days later to give take a look and then give us a quote.

They just came back to give us the quote and it was just as expensive as the first guy when he had originally told us that a kitchen bigger than ours was 1/2 the price. We were in shock, not even going to lie. We were expecting at least 1/2 that price but not double.

We reached out to someone from church who we know has done various people’s kitchens as well. We have yet to hear his quote but it makes me wonder what God is trying to teach me.

I try and find God’s voice in every situation in my life. Right now, it’s figuring out my kitchen situation. It’s not silly when you believe that God works everything in your favor and how sometimes he doesn’t give you what you want because he wants to give you better.

I’m wondering if the quote with the guy from Church would be more reasonably in our budget and God is showing us that all the people we need is here in our church community that we’ve been slowly building.

Or if it’s God’s way of telling us, “your kitchen is fine, be content with what you have.”

Either way. I know that this situation is miniscual to the bigger issues  that we’ve overcome. But I bring God into every one of my problems big or small because that’s how much trust I put in him. That He knows what’s best for me and that He will make everything work out on the end.

Trust in Him, Even if it’s something as silly as whether your kitchen gets to get redone or not.

Trust in Him.

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