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I Always Expect Others To Know Me

but the truth is that no one truly does, or at least people I first meet.

My brain always tells me that people know everything about me, that people have perceived judgements of me, but the reality is that no one knows anything about me because I hide myself.

Having social anxiety means that you assume everyone knows every little detail about you and everyone has already judged you for it but having social anxiety also means closing yourself off so much that people don’t get to know you and eventually just pass you by.

I’m trying really hard to be vulnerable.

I’m trying really hard to be relateable.

I’m trying really hard to be likeable without molding myself into someone I know others will like.

I’m trying really hard to be me.

This is probably one of the hardest concepts I’ve had to grasp in this healing journey is that nobody knows me because I don’t allow people to get to know me.

But I truly don’t know how to open up.

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